Jocelyn Juriansz
In Memoriam
April 23, 1976 - September 24, 2005

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Jocelyn had something words cannot describe. She was a force of light; she made things happen all around her. Jocelyn inspired people and she related to them as individuals, entirely without prejudice. On any given day, Jocelyn could be found laughing and giving to the people around her. Her gentle spirit and breath-taking beauty were a rare combination, one that made her unforgettable. Her intuitive understanding of people allowed her to touch a wide range of personalities and to always have kind words, or share side-splitting laughs, or honest tears with each individual.

On September 24, 2005 , tragedy struck. Jocelyn was attacked by her boyfriend of less than a year, and left to die while he fled the scene, crashing his car into a wall and taking his own life. The days since have left so many shattered, confused and angry. But it is not this unjust heartbreak that defines Jocelyn Juriansz. Her vivacity, generosity, and loving nature are her gift to us all. This legacy will extend beyond her circle of friends and family as the Jocelyn Juriansz Memorial Foundation works each year to improve the lives of women and men and speak words of encouragement to them, as Jocelyn would have.

If you would like to get involved or support the Foundation, please email